Emerging educational technologies workshop

Example mind map (from Wikipedia)

Just returned from an amazing two hour workshop led by PF (Patricia) Anderson at the week-long Enriching Scholarship 2012, organized by the incomparable UMich CRLT, with sessions taught by great faculty from around UM. Her session was titled “An overview of the cutting edge of educational technologies,” and she delivered on her promise.

She has an amazingly extensive outline in the form of a mind map. It was quite effective and contains a ridiculous amount of information. I am not even going to try to cover what she talked about in one post — it would take me a week to write (at least). Explore her outline yourself. I will be writing about a lot of the tools here in the upcoming weeks as I get my head around how they can be applied to business education.

Okay, I’ll give you a couple of hints about what I really liked… Let’s see, I feel like a total loser of an information technology guy to not know about this, but I hadn’t ever heard about the Internet of Things before. Really cool stuff for years out in the future, but it is still good to know about… I also hadn’t heard about the Arduino… Finally (for now), ShowMe looks like it has a lot of potential.

That’s it. I will definitely be writing more about these topics (and much more that she discussed) at a later time.