My favorite writing instrument

Yep, I love this pencil!

I come from a long line of pen and pencil lovers. I remember my dad’s dad having a pocket full of pens and a drawer full of pens and pencils. He was 6’6″ so not too many people hassled him about it. My dad is the same way. I’m the same way. I love a good pen or pencil.

I was a long-time user of a Pentel mechanical pencil. However, I have given that up for this Alvin DM05 mechanical pencil. I have had this particular pencil for a couple of years now and I always have it with me. Yes, I love my iPad but there are still times that I need to take notes on a piece of paper. Why do I like this pencil so much?

  • It fits in my hand.
  • The silver grip provides a comfortable, non-slip surface that doesn’t become uncomfortable over time.
  • The writing is comfortable on a sheet of paper, apparently providing a slight amount of “give” when writing. This makes it more comfortable and keeps me from breaking so many leads when I’m writing.
  • The barrel holds a sufficient amount of lead so that I don’t run out at the wrong time.

That’t it. If you like mechanical pencils, I highly recommend that you give this a try. Enjoy!

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